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SEOUL, South Korea — He clapped and he smiled, even posing for a group
photo with a K-pop band.

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  1. pose for — If you pose for a photograph or painting, you stay in a
    particular position so that someone can photograph you or paint

The government in South Korea’s capital is introducing a new initiative
to force its employees to leave work on time – by powering down all
their computers at 20:00 on Fridays.

I.Judge the sorts of lead from the following leads:

Kim Jeong-cheol wakes up every morning at 6 am to deliver packages to
Seoul’s wealthier residents, and spends every night ferrying those same
people home after a night out, ending his working day well past
midnight. He also works at a cosmetics distribution company he runs from
his home with his wife.

澳门新萄京最大平台 ,The appearance by North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, on Sunday at a
concert by South Korean musicians in Pyongyang was all the more unusual
because his authoritarian government has been struggling to stave off
what it sees as an infiltration of the South’s pop culture among his
isolated people.


1.The trial of Bo Xilai, charged with bribery, embezzlement and abuse of
power, concluded on Monday at Jinan Intermediate People’s Court, after
hearings from Aug 22 to Aug 26. (29 words)


  1. appearance — When someone makes an appearance at a public event or
    in a broadcast, they take part in it.

    • 全句的主语应该是“The appearance by North Korea’s leader on
      Sunday at a concert”
  2. authoritarian [ɔːθɔ͟ːrɪte͟əriən] — If you describe a person or an
    organization as authoritarian, you are critical of them
    controlling everything rather than letting people decide things
    for themselves.
  3. stave n. — a stave is strong stiff, especially one that is used as
    a weapon.

    • stave off — If you stave off something bad, or if you stave it
      off, you succeed in stopping it happening for a while.

It says it is trying to stop a “culture of working overtime”.

2.Spam text messages have become a growing social problem in China,
casuing mobile phone users annoyance and financial losses.  (Spam
messages put up stubborn fight, Nov 20)

Kim is one of many in South Korea’s capital to have taken on extra jobs
as part of the unintended consequence of a law aimed at capping working
hours and giving people more free time.

But Mr. Kim shook the hands of members of South Korea’s most popular
girl band, Red Velvet, which he and his wife, Ri Sol-ju, watched from a


快讯测验题2澳门新萄京最大平台,晋州市政坛将压制关机。3.US late night talk show hosts love to make jokes about Obama and the
white house. But Jimmy Kimmel Live show managed to offend so many people
with a joke about China that the Obama administration is now officially
set to intervene.  (Viewers upset over racial slip,  Nov 13)


  1. shake the hands of sb == shake hands with sb
  2. balcony — The balcony in a theatre or cinema is an area of seats
    above the main seating area.

South Korea has some of the longest working hours in the world.

4.Since early October, Russia’s free medical service has become an
object of envy on Chinese micro blogs.

On 1 July South Korea cut the maximum weekly work hours to 52, down from

After watching Red Velvet perform, Mr. Kim reportedly pronounced the
event a “gift for Pyongyang citizens.”


But “there exists no free medical service in the world”, Ren Minghui, an
official from the National health and family planning commission, said
on Oct 30. “Even if patients do not pay money while seeing doctors, they
incure medical costs covered by taxes,corporate or individual
contributions.”  (No healthcare system is perfect, Nov 6)

  1. But the new regulation intended to combat long hours in Seoul’s
    steel and glass office towers has backfired for many doing manual or
    irregular labour, with people flocking to poorly regulated industries
    and facing pay cuts.

The two-hour show at the East Pyongyang Grand Theater was part of a
political détente between the neighboring countries as relations have
It was the first time a North Korean leader watched a South Korean
musical performance in the North’s capital.

Government employees there work an average of 2,739 hours a year – about
1,000 hours more than workers in other developed countries.

  1. San Francisco was transformed into Batman’s Gotham City on Nov 15. A
    woman was taken hostage and tied to cable car tracks, a criminal calling
    himself the  Riddler attempted to rob a bank, and a villian known as
    Penguin made a nuisance of himself in the downtown area.               


  1. détente(detente) [deɪtɒ̱nt] — Detente is a state of friendly
    relations between two countries when previously there had been
    problems between them. [FORMAL]


Fortunately, each incident was staged. It was part of an initiative by
the Make-a-Wish charity to give five-year-old Miles Scott, who is
recovering from leukemia, amemorable day acting as his favorite
superhero.  (Batkid spreads warmth, Nov 20) 

Kim added his delivery job – for South Korea’s national post – after the
new law meant more office workers went home early, reducing the number
of driving jobs at night. Kim, who has three daughters to support
through university, now works about 19 hours a day.

The performances by the South Korean troupe that flew in on Saturday
with great fanfare to Pyongyang were done in the name of international

The shutdown initiative in the Seoul Metropolitan Government is set to
roll out across three phases over the next three months.

6.Space is vast, but it may not be as empty as we thought: A study has
found that the Milky Way is home to billions of planets that  are about
the size of Earth, orbit stars just like our sun, and exist in the
“Goldilocks” zone — not too hot and not too cold to support life. 
(Our Earth is not alone, Nov.13)


  1. troupe — A troupe is a group of actors, singers, or dancers who
    work together and often travel around together, performing in
    different places.
  2. fanfare — If something happens with a fanfare, it happens or is
    announced with a lot of publicity.
  3. sth was done in the name of … — 某一件事以……之名进行


  1. Old women sit stoically on cots, and portly men sweat in the heat,
    oblivious to the youngsters at play around them. This camp for Bosnian
    refugees is in Vienna, but it could be almost anywhere in central

Kim, whose income dropped 40% after the law came in, is not alone. A
woman who would give only her surname, Park, began working in a
convenience store after she lost about 500,000 won ($445) a month due to
the cap on working hours. A builder? took a second job working as a type
of unofficial bus service when hours were cut to comply with the law.

The show occurred just weeks before Mr. Kim is scheduled to meet with
South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, at a border village on April 27,
and ahead of a planned summit meeting with President Trump in May.

The programme will begin on March 30, with all computers switched off by

Sorts of lead


They were the first South Korean singers to perform in North Korea in
more than a decade. Their visit reciprocated a North Korean art troupe’s
performances in South Korea during its Winter Olympics in February. Mr.
Moon watched one of the North Korean performances.


Descriptive lead

The National Assembly estimated that 150,000 labourers would face an
average pay cut of 410,000 won a month when the law was passed due to
working less overtime. About a third of South Korea’s labour force works
in jobs with irregular hours, such as construction, driving, cleaning or
convenience store clerks, according to government statistics.

  1. reciprocate — If your feelings or actions towards someone are
    reciprocated, the other person feels or behaves in the same way
    towards you as you have felt or behaved towards them.

The second phase starts in April, with employees having their computers
turned off by 19:30 on the second and fourth Friday that month.

Suspend lead


Mr. Kim and Ms. Ri, a former singer, were among hundreds of North
Koreans who filled the 1,500-seat theater to watch the South Korean
singers, including older crooners, gelled rockers and K-pop starlets.


Contrast lead

In the 1960s, the nation’s economy expanded rapidly, turning a country
still reeling from the 1950-53 Korean war into the 12th largest economy
in a generation. It has produced national champions like Samsung,
Hyundai and LG, massive conglomerates that wield significant political
influence, but that achievement has come at the expense of leisure time.

  1. crooner — A crooner is a male singer who sings sentimental songs,
    especially the love songs of the 1930s and 1940s.
  2. gelled — 啫头的舞曲手

From May on, the programme will be in full-swing, with computers shut
off by 19:00 every Friday.

Direct lead

20世纪60年份,高丽国经济飞跃扩充,才经验了今世人,就将相当受朝鲜大战(壹玖肆玖-1955)重创的大韩民国进步为世界第12大经济体。南韩诞生了三星(Samsung卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar)、今世和LG等国家盛名公司,那么些大公司公司发布着主要的政治影响力,可是那大器晚成做到是用印度人的空闲时间换成的。

On Sunday evening, thunderous clapping erupted when Mr. Kim and his wife
entered the concert hall and seated themselves in a second-floor
balcony, according to pool reports from South Korean journalists and


Main fact lead

South Korean workers have some of the longest working weeks among
members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development,
behind only Mexico. Last year the average person worked 2,024 hours, or
about 38.9 hours a week.?

  1. thunderous — If you describe a noise as thunderous, you mean that
    it is very loud and deep.
  2. erupt —
  3. pool reports — 有滋有味的广播发表;来自“A press pool is a group of
    news gathering organizations that combine their resources in the
    collection of news.”

According to a SMG statement, all employees will be subjected to the
shutdown, though exemptions may be provided in special circumstances.

Quotation lead


Attention was focused on how Mr. Kim would react to the pop singers,
particularly Red Velvet. The five-member girl group is typical of South
Korean girl groups — known for their chirpy, bubble-gum harmonies and
sexy choreography.


Direct address lead

This gruelling work environment has been blamed for a host of societal
problems, from a low birth rate to plummeting productivity. Chung
Hyun-back, the family and gender equality minister, has called working
hours “inhumanely long” and said they have contributed to the South
Korea’s rapidly ageing society.

  1. chirpy — If you describe a person or their behavior as chirpy, you
    mean they are very cheerful and lively. [INFORMAL]
  2. Bubblegum pop (also known as bubblegum music or simply bubblegum)
    is a genre of pop music with an upbeat sound contrived and
    marketed to appeal to pre-teens and teenagers,

However, not every government worker seems to be on-board – according to
the SMG, 67.1% of government workers have asked to be exempt from the
forced lights-out.

II.Translate the following two passages into Chinese.


  1. choreography — Choreography is the inventing of steps and movements
    for ballets and other dances.


  1. News stories and their Structures 1.Pyramid Structure (金字塔构造卡塔尔国

There is a strong case for tackling the culture of long hours. Working
more than 50 hours a week causes a drop in productivity, according to
researchers at Stanford University, and there was little different in
output for employees who worked between 56 and 70 hours.

Their tunes are so infectious that the South Korean military has
broadcast them across the border in a psychological war against North
Korean soldiers. The North used to threaten to direct its artillery at
the loudspeakers, warning of an “all-out war” if the South didn’t turn
them off.

Earlier this month, South Korea’s national assembly passed a law to cut
down the maximum weekly working hours to 52, down from 68.

  This type of structure is employed to report an ordinary news feature
(新闻特写), but not an accident. Most often, the news feature is
reported in accordance with the process of the development of the story
itself. The climax often appears at the end of the story, that is, at
the “bottom” of the “Pyramid”. It is seldom used in news report


  1. infectious — 感染力;If a feeling is infectious, it spreads to
    other people.
  2. psychological war — 心理战
  3. artillery — 大炮(曾出今后”Paper Elephant”一文中)
  4. all-out — using all one’s strength or resources


  1. Inverted Pyramid Structure (倒金字塔构造卡塔尔国

Despite hardships faced by workers paid by the hour, office workers have
rejoiced at the new law. Some have long complained of a culture that
expected employees to stay late despite a lack of work. Others say
bosses would routinely assign extra tasks outside normal hours, leading
many employees to procrastinate all day since they knew they had to stay
late regardless of workload.

How things have changed.

  The structure for a hard news story, with the most important elements
higher up in the story, less important lower down, has for long been
called the inverted pyramid structure. The name is meant to indicate
that the most important aspect of a story is higher up in the lead and
other information is written lower down in order of importance.


  1. 不过世易时移

  News stories are written in such a way that they still make sense when
they are cut off (if necessary) by editors to meet the copy space limit
or left half-finished by readers who are in a hurry. So the inverted
pyramid seems to best suit the purpose, as you may cut one or more
paragraphs of the story from the bottom, and the key information is
still there.

But working-class people have largely mocked the new law for forcing
them to take second or third jobs, saying: “Instead of a life with
dinner, there’s a new life where you have to skip dinner.”

South Korean officials said the North did not attempt to reject any of
the South Korean song lineup or change the pop stars’ lyrics or risqué
dance moves.

III. Read the following news and finished five questions:


  1. any of the S. Korean song lineup — 任何南韩歌曲布署
  2. risqué — If you describe something as risqué, you mean that it is
    slightly rude because it refers to sex.

North Korea moves missles to coast, but limited threat seen

About 20,000 people have flocked to become on-demand chauffeurs since
the new law passed, according to Kim Jong-yong, head of the Korean
Association of Relief Drivers. Companies have lowered fares amid the
influx of new workers.

(But apparently, even North Korea had a limit to how far it would go in
accepting K-pop. South Korean officials said the North had rejected
their suggestion that the global star Psy, the singer famous for his
“Gangnam Style” hit, be included in the visit.)



“Please tell President Moon how good this kind of exchange is. I know
there has been attention to whether I will come and see Red Velvet,” Mr.
Kim was quoted as telling South Korean officials. “I thank you for
bringing this gift to Pyongyang citizens.”

From the New York Times

“The 52-hour law was meant to benefit all workers, however it’s only
positively affecting people working in stable, high-paying jobs such as
civil servants and people working in corporate companies,” he said.
“Taking a second job is the only thing keeping these people off the
streets, it’s a last resort.

Kim Yerim, a Red Velvet member who is known as Yeri, was quoted as
saying, “The audience clapped loudly and even sang along.”
The South Korean culture minister, Do Jong-hwan, told reporters in
Pyongyang after the show that Mr. Kim “showed much interest during the
show and asked questions about the songs and lyrics.”

April 4 2013


Mr. Kim’s acceptance of Red Velvet and South Korean pop culture was
striking because his government has stepped up a crackdown on DVDs and
computer thumb drives containing South Korean pop songs, movies and TV
dramas smuggled from China, calling for establishing “mosquito nets” to
keep out “decadent capitalist influence.”

  SEOUL, South Korea’s defense chief said on Thursday that North Korea
had moved to its east coast a missile with a “considerable ” range, but
that it was not capable of reaching the United States. The disclosure
came as the Communist North’s military warned that it was ready to
strike American military forces with “cutting-edge(尖端的)smaller,
lighter and diversified nuclear strike means.”

“Their struggles are a reflection of how Korean society treats and
values working-class people.”

  1. crackdown — 打击
    • crackdown on sth
  2. computer thumb drivers — U盘
  3. decadent [de̱kədənt] — If you say that a person or society is
    decadent, you think that they have low moral standards and are
    interested mainly in pleasure.

  North Korea has been issuing a blistering(严厉的)series of similar
threats in recent weeks, citing as tragets the American military
installations in the Pacific islands of Hawaii and Guam, as well as the
United States mainland. In its lastest threat on Thursday, it did not
name targets but said it was authorized to “take powerful practical
military counteractions” against the threats from B-2 bombers  from the
United States, B-52 bombers from Guam and F-22 Stealth jet fighters from
Japan that have recently run missions over the Korean Peninsula during
joint military exercises with South Korea.


Defectors from the North have said that those who were caught selling or
watching South Korean K-pop music videos could be sent to prison camps.

  “The moment of explosion is approaching fast,” the genearl stafff of
the North Korea People’s Army said in a statement carried by the North’s
official Korean Central News Agency. “The U.S. had better ponder ove the
prevailing grave situation.”

  1. defector — A defector is someone who leaves their country, political
    party, or other group, and joins an opposing country, party, or

  Most analysts do not believe that North Korea has a missile powerful
enough to deliver a nuclear warhead to the United States mainland or
that it is reckless (不计后果的)enough to strike the American military
in the Pacific. Still, with the North’s bellicose postures showing no
signs of letting up, the United States announced Wednesday that it was
speeding the deployment (布署)of an advanced missiles defense system
to Guam in the next few weeks, two years ahead of schedule in what the
Pentagon said it was “a precutionary move” to protect American naval and
air forces from the threat of a North Korea missile attack.

Mr. Kim, who studied in Switzerland as a teenager, has tried of late to
present himself as more flexible, at least among the loyal elite
citizens living in Pyongyang. North Korea’s Moranbong Band, often said
to be Mr. Kim’s favorite girl group, has performed in short skirts and
high heels, featuring theme songs from Hollywood films.

  Testifying before a parliamentary hearing, defense minister Kim
Kwan-jin of South Korea said the missile North Korea has moved to the
east coast, possibly “for demonstration or for training,” appeared not
to be a KN-08, which analysts say is the closet thing North Korea has to
an international ballistic missile, though its exact range is not known.
The new missile was unveiled during a military parade in the North
Korean capital, Pyongyan, last April.

  1. of late == recently,
  2. Moranbong Band — 谷雨花峰乐团

  South Korean media quoted unnamed military sources as saying that the
missile was a Musudan. Deployed around 2007, Musudan is a ballistic
missile with a range of more than 1,900 miles, according to the South
Korean Defense Ministry. Guam is nearly 2,200 miles from North Korea.

The South Korean singers now in the North will hold a joint concert with
North Korean performers on Tuesday at an indoor stadium in Pyongyang.
South Koreans will see a recorded version of the concert later this
week, according to local news media. It’s unclear if, or when, ordinary
North Koreans will be allowed to see it.

  Col. Wee Yong-sub of the army, deputy spokesman of the Defense
Ministry, would only say that the South Korea and American military have
been closely monitoring the movements of all North Korean missiles,
including Musudan.

  “Chances are noth high that they will lead to a full-scale war,” said
Mr. Kim, the defese minister, referring to the North Korean threats.
“But given the nature of he North Korean regime, it’s possilbe that they
will launch a localized provocation(挑衅).”

  For a second straight day, North Korea blocked South Koreans from
crossing the border to enter a jointly operated industrial park,
threatening the future of the last remaining symbol of inter-Korean
cooperation. It also warned that it would pull out more than 53,000
North Korean works from the South Korean workers from the joint factory
park, located in the North Korean city of Kaesong, if taunts
(辱骂)from the South Korean news media continued.

  After the North’s threat to close the industrial complex last week,
some South Korean media reports have said that the North Korean media
reports have said that the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, would be
all talk but no action when it came to the park because he did not want
to risk one of his most precious sources of hard currency.

  After the United Nations Security Coucil imposed further
sanctions(制裁) against the North for its launching of a three-stage
rocket in December and its third nuclear test in February, North Korea
has appeared to harden its stance(姿态,态度) considerably. It said it
would never negotiate away its nuclear weapons arsenal(兵工厂) but
would expand it. On Tuesday, it declared it would restart a nuclear
reactor that gave it a small stockpile(积蓄,库存)of plutonium and
would readjust its uranium-enrichedment plant weapons efforts.(704

Understanding Ideas in the News

  1. What did North Korea threaten to do in the recent weeks?

A. To counter-attack American bombers.

B. To move a missile to its east coast.

C. To strike American military forces with nuclear bomb.

  1. What weapon did they claim to use to strike American military forces?

A. Advanced nuclear warheads.

B. F-22 Stealth jet.

C. Nuclear bombs

3.What did the U.S. decide to speed up in response to North Korea’s
bellicose postures?

A. The deployment of a missile defence system to Guam.

B. The deployment of a KN-08 missile.

C. International ballistic missles.

  1. After North Korea’s threat to close the Kaesong (开城) Industrial
    Complex, how did South Korean media respond?

A. They criticized the North.

B. They taunted the North.

C. They disagreed with the North.

5.What’s North Korea’s attitude to its developing nuclear weapons?

A. It would negotiate away its nuclear weapon arsenal.

B. It would continue to expand its nuclear arsenal.

C. It would restart a nuclear reactor.

IV. Translate the following news into Englilsh.







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